You Need a Blog

I’ve been hearing one sentence over and over again for the past few months. If you’re on teacher instagram, you’ve probably heard it, too. You know, this little sentence:

You need a blog.


Those four little words have scared me. Publishing a blog is a step way outside of my comfort zone. I don’t blog. I’m someone who teaches kids how to read, how to multiply two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers, and what a push vs. a pull is. I repeat: I don’t blog. Until now.

Welcome to the start of my blog, Learning on Leighton Lane. If you found me via instagram, @learningonleightonlane, WELCOME! If you found me some other way, WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here.

Now let’s blog.

Author: learningonleightonlane

Hi there! I'm Erika! I'm a 4th grade teacher with 5 years experience in the public school setting. I'm a reader, plant mom, and Class Dojo mentor. I create resources for other busy classroom teachers and sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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