Meet Mrs. Leighton

Hello! I’m Mrs. Leighton, otherwise known as @learningonleightonlane!

4th grade teacher @learningonleightonlane smiling and welcoming you to her classroom
Welcome to my 4th grade classroom! I’ve been a 4th grade teacher for five years.

On my blog and instagram, you can find me gushing over middle grade novels and picture books on a regular basis. You can expect me to share math strategies and games that I’ve created for my classroom. You can expect positivity, a love of education, and a warm welcome- I am so glad you are here and that we are connected on this little corner of the internet.

Author: learningonleightonlane

Hi there! I'm Erika! I'm a 4th grade teacher with 5 years experience in the public school setting. I'm a reader, plant mom, and Class Dojo mentor. I create resources for other busy classroom teachers and sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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